If you have plans to renovate your home this year, then you shouldn't overlook the electrical aspect. Choose a professional and experienced electrician such as Burton Electrical Solutions to ensure the job is done to the highest possible safety standards.

Here are some electrical safety tips you should consider for your renovation:

  • You may need to consider rewiring, but this task shouldn't be left to even competent DIY-ers. Contact Burton Electrical Solutions for a quote instead.
  • If your home is quite old there may not be enough power outlets throughout the house to meet your needs. During a renovation is a great time to rectify this, and installing extra power outlets will mean you don't have to rely on extension leads.
  • Plan out where your appliances will go in your newly renovated property, so you can be sure not to overload any particular power outlets. Check what the limits of your outlets are and be sure to stick to them - we can advise on this for you.
  • If you are attempting to complete any of the electrical work yourself, check that you are permitted to do so first. Some more complex work should be signed off by an electrician or you risk invalidating your home insurance

Of course the safest option is to leave all electrical work to a professional - for electricians in Beverley contact Burton Electrical Solutions today.


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